Open Information

Increasing Inclusivity in Public Access to Government Information for Inclusive Growth

Poverty level is high especially in isolated communities of indigenous peoples. How can the government respond to what people really need when citizens have limited access to essential government information?


Through this commitment, the public will be able to access government data and provide feedback through both online and offline platforms. They can view and save information on programs and services at any device when connected to the internet. If internet is not available, a direct community engagement program will take place weekly and record what the citizens wants to ask the Governor. The Governor’s responses will also be recorded and aired through the province’s official radio program. Localizing the Freedom of Information policy through a provincial ordinance will institutionalize the people’s right to information.




Roll-out of “Estoryaha si Gov. Tamayo”, an offline transparency initiative where the Governor will regularly respond to recorded questions from the general public (especially from remote communities) through the radio as well as through South Cotabato’s Facebook Page and OGP Facebook Page.

July, 2018 –

August, 2020


Note: The activity will be suspended during the campaign and elections period.

Conduct of workshop on information management and needs for producers, users and custodians.

November, 2018


Development and operationalization of the Interactive/Web-based Database where the public can access, view, save and print provincial data and information right at their homes. This web-based, automated system will called the Interactive Provincial Online Database (iPOD).

January, 2019 – December, 2019


Conduct of consultation and updating of provincial government services and programs with the 199 barangay captains through the “Provincial Townhall Meetings” at least once a year.

August, 2018 – December, 2020


Enactment/Passage of Provincial Freedom of Information (FOI) Ordinance.

October, 2018 – December, 2018


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